Tree selection control.

When To Use#

TreeSelect is similar to Select, but the values are provided in a tree like structure. Any data whose entries are defined in a hierarchical manner is fit to use this control. Examples of such case may include a corporate hierarchy, a directory structure, and so on.

import { NzTreeSelectModule } from 'ng-zorro-antd/tree-select';


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The most basic usage.

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To load data asynchronously when click to expand a treeNode, loading state keeps until excute addChildren().

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Set nzVirtualHeight to enable virtual scroll.

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Add status to TreeSelect with nzStatus, which could be error or warning.

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Multiple selection usage, max 3 option will display at the same time by nzMaxTagCount.

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Multiple and checkable.

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You can manually specify the position of the popup via nzPlacement.

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PropertyDescriptionTypeDefaultGlobal Config
[nzId]input id attribute inside the componentstring-
[nzAllowClear]Whether allow clearbooleanfalse
[nzPlaceHolder]Placeholder of the select inputstring-
[nzPlacement]The position where the selection box pops upbottomLeftbottomRighttopLefttopRightbottomLeft
[nzDisabled]Disabled or notbooleanfalse
[nzShowIcon]Shows the icon before a TreeNode's title. There is no default stylebooleanfalse
[nzShowSearch]Whether to display a search input in the dropdown menu(valid only in the single mode)booleanfalse
[nzNotFoundContent]Specify content to show when no result matches.string-
[nzDropdownMatchSelectWidth]Determine whether the dropdown menu and the select input are the same widthbooleantrue
[nzDropdownStyle]To set the style of the dropdown menuobject-
[nzDropdownClassName]classname of dropdown menustring-
[nzMultiple]Support multiple or not, will be true when enable nzCheckable.booleanfalse
[nzHideUnMatched]Hide unmatched nodes while searchingbooleanfalse
[nzSize]To set the size of the select input'large' | 'small' | 'default''default'
[nzStatus]Set validation status'error' | 'warning'-
[nzCheckable]Whether to show checkbox on the treeNodesbooleanfalse
[nzCheckStrictly]Check treeNode precisely; parent treeNode and children treeNodes are not associatedbooleanfalse
[nzShowExpand]Show a Expand Icon before the treeNodesbooleantrue
[nzShowLine]Shows a connecting linebooleanfalse
[nzAsyncData]Load data asynchronously (should be used with NzTreeNode.addChildren(...))booleanfalse
[nzNodes]Data of the treeNodesNzTreeNodeOptions[][]
[nzDefaultExpandAll]Whether to expand all treeNodes by defaultbooleanfalse
[nzExpandedKeys]Default expanded treeNodesstring[]-
[nzDisplayWith]How to display the selected node value in the trigger(node: NzTreeNode) => string(node: NzTreeNode) => node.title
[nzMaxTagCount]Max tag count to shownumber-
[nzMaxTagPlaceholder]Placeholder for not showing tagsTemplateRef<{ $implicit: NzTreeNode[] }>-
[nzTreeTemplate]Custom NodesTemplateRef<{ $implicit: NzTreeNode }>-
[nzVirtualHeight]The height of virtual scrollstring-
[nzVirtualItemSize]The size of the items in the list, same as cdk itemSizenumber28
[nzVirtualMaxBufferPx]The number of pixels worth of buffer to render for when rendering new items, same as cdk maxBufferPxnumber500
[nzVirtualMinBufferPx]The minimum amount of buffer rendered beyond the viewport (in pixels),same as cdk minBufferPxnumber28
[nzBackdrop]whether or not the overlay should attach a backdropbooleanfalse
(nzExpandChange)Callback function for when a treeNode is expanded or collapsedEventEmitter<NzFormatEmitEvent>-


getTreeNodesget all nodes(NzTreeNode)NzTreeNode[]
getTreeNodeByKeyget NzTreeNode with keyNzTreeNode
getCheckedNodeListget checked nodes(merged)NzTreeNode[]
getSelectedNodeListget selected nodesNzTreeNode[]
getHalfCheckedNodeListget half checked nodesNzTreeNode[]
getExpandedNodeListget expanded nodesNzTreeNode[]
getMatchedNodeListget matched nodes(if nzSearchValue is not null)NzTreeNode[]