When To Use#

Used when the link needs to be converted into a QR Code.

Import Module#

import { NzQRCodeModule } from 'ng-zorro-antd/qr-code';


The simplest usage.

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QR code expired

The status can be controlled by the value nzStatus.

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Set Error Level.

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QRCode with icon.

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Customize QR code color.

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A way to download QRCode.

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[nzValue]scanned linkstring-
[nzColor]QR code Colorstring#000
[nzSize]QR code Sizenumber160
[nzIcon]Icon address in QR codestring-
[nzIconSize]The size of the icon in the QR codenumber40
[nzBordered]Whether has border stylebooleantrue
[nzStatus]QR code status'active'|'expired' |'loading'active
[nzLevel]Error Code Level'L'|'M'|'Q'|'H'M


Invalid QR Code#

nzValue has a conservative upper limit of 738 or fewer strings. If error correction levels are used, the nzValue upper limit will be lowered.

QR Code error correction level#

The ErrorLevel means that the QR code can be scanned normally after being blocked, and the maximum area that can be blocked is the error correction rate.

Generally, the QR code is divided into 4 error correction levels: Level L can correct about 7% errors, Level M can correct about 15% errors, Level Q can correct about 25% errors, and Level H can correct about 30% errors. When the content encoding of the QR code carries less information, in other words, when the value link is short, set different error correction levels, and the generated image will not change.

For more information, see the: https://www.qrcode.com/en/about/error_correction