The floating card popped by clicking or hovering.

When To Use#

A simple popup menu to provide extra information or operations.

Comparing with Tooltip, besides information Popover card can also provide action elements like links and buttons.

import { NzPopoverModule } from 'ng-zorro-antd/popover';


The most basic example. The size of the floating layer depends on the contents region.

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Use nzPopoverVisible prop to control the display of the card.

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nzPopoverContent and nzPopoverTitle accept the type of TemplateRef<void>

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There are 12 placement options available.

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By specifying nzPopoverPlacement prop, the arrow can be point to the center of the target element.

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Mouse to click, focus and move in.

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ParamDescriptionTypeDefault value
[nzPopoverArrowPointAtCenter]Arrow point at center of the originbooleanfalse
[nzPopoverTitle]Title of the popoverstring | TemplateRef<void>-
[nzPopoverContent]Content of the popoverstring | TemplateRef<void>-
[nzPopoverTrigger]Popover trigger mode. If set to null it would not be triggered'click' | 'focus' | 'hover' | null'hover'
[nzPopoverPlacement]The position of the popover relative to the target'top' | 'left' | 'right' | 'bottom' | 'topLeft' | 'topRight' | 'bottomLeft' | 'bottomRight' | 'leftTop' | 'leftBottom' | 'rightTop' | 'rightBottom' | Array<string>'top'
[nzPopoverOrigin]Origin of the tooltipElementRef-
[nzPopoverVisible]Show or hide popoverbooleanfalse
(nzPopoverVisibleChange)Callback of hide or showEventEmitter<boolean>-
[nzPopoverMouseEnterDelay]Delay in seconds, before popover is shown on mouse enternumber0.15
[nzPopoverMouseLeaveDelay]Delay in seconds, before popover is hidden on mouse leavenumber0.1
[nzPopoverOverlayClassName]Class name of the popover cardstring-
[nzPopoverOverlayStyle]Style of the popover cardobject-

Consult Tooltip's documentation to find more APIs. | [nzPopoverBackdrop] | whether or not the overlay should attach a backdrop | boolean | false |


Please ensure that the node of [nz-popover] accepts onMouseEnter, onMouseLeave, onFocus, onClick events.