A dropdown list.

When To Use#

If there are too many operations to display, you can wrap them in a Dropdown. By clicking/hovering on the trigger, a dropdown menu should appear, which allows you to choose one option and execute relevant actions.

import { NzDropDownModule } from 'ng-zorro-antd/dropdown';


The most basic dropdown menu.

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Divider and disabled menu item.

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An event will be triggered when you click menu items, in which you can make different operations by adding events to item.

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The menu has multiple levels.

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Right Click on here

Trigger dropdown with contextmenu.

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Support 6 placements.

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The default trigger mode is hover, you can change it to click.

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A button is on the left, and a related functional menu is on the right.

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The default is to close the menu when you click on menu items, this feature can be turned off.

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[nzDropdownMenu]Dropdown menuNzDropdownMenuComponent-
[nzDisabled]whether the dropdown menu is disabledboolean-
[nzPlacement]placement of pop menu'bottomLeft' | 'bottomCenter' | 'bottomRight' | 'topLeft' | 'topCenter' | 'topRight''bottomLeft'
[nzTrigger]the trigger mode which executes the drop-down action'click' | 'hover''hover'
[nzClickHide]whether hide menu when clickbooleantrue
[nzVisible]whether the dropdown menu is visible, double bindingboolean-
[nzOverlayClassName]Class name of the dropdown root elementstring-
[nzOverlayStyle]Style of the dropdown root elementobject-
(nzVisibleChange)a callback function takes an argument: nzVisible, is executed when the visible state is changedEventEmitter<boolean>-

You should use nz-menu in nz-dropdown. The menu items and dividers are also available by using nz-menu-item and nz-menu-divider.

Note: [nz-menu] of nz-dropdown is unselectable by default, you can make it selectable via <ul nz-menu nzSelectable>.

The nzMode of [nz-menu] inside nz-dropdown-menu can only be the default value vertical.


Wrap Dropdown Menu and pass to [nz-dropdown] and NzContextMenuService, you can export it via Template Syntax nzDropdownMenu

Note:Every [nz-dropdown] should pass independent nz-dropdown-menu.

<a nz-dropdown [nzDropdownMenu]="menu">Hover me</a>
<nz-dropdown-menu #menu="nzDropdownMenu">
  <ul nz-menu>
    <li nz-menu-item>1st menu item</li>
    <li nz-menu-item>2nd menu item</li>
    <li nz-menu-item>3rd menu item</li>


Create dropdown with contextmenu, the detail can be found in the example above

PropertyDescriptionArgumentsReturn Value
createcreate dropdown($event:MouseEvent | {x:number, y:number}, menu:NzDropdownMenuComponent)EmbeddedViewRef<any>
closeclose dropdown--