A simple text popup tip.

When To Use#

  • The Tooltip doesn't support complex text or operations. The tip is shown on mouse enter and is hidden on mouse leave.
  • It's often used instead of the HTML title attribute to explain button/text/operation.
import { NzToolTipModule } from 'ng-zorro-antd/tooltip';


Tooltip will show when mouse enter.

The simplest usage.

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By specifying nzTooltipArrowPointAtCenter prop, the arrow can be point to the center of the target element.

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Use nzTooltipOrigin to set the origin of the tooltip (You can use the util class we provide import { NzElementPatchModule } from 'ng-zorro-antd/core/element-patch').

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The ToolTip has 12 placements choice.

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nzTooltipTitle accept the type of TemplateRef<any>

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We preset a series of colorful Tooltip styles for use in different situations.

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[nzTooltipArrowPointAtCenter]Arrow point at center of the originbooleanfalse
[nzTooltipTitle]The text shown in the tooltipstring | TemplateRef<void>-
[nzTooltipTitleContext]The context of tooltip titleobject-
[nzTooltipTrigger]Tooltip trigger mode. If set to null it would not be triggered'click' | 'focus' | 'hover' | null'hover'
[nzTooltipPlacement]The position of the tooltip relative to the target'top' | 'left' | 'right' | 'bottom' | 'topLeft' | 'topRight' | 'bottomLeft' | 'bottomRight' | 'leftTop' | 'leftBottom' | 'rightTop' | 'rightBottom' | Array<string>'top'
[nzTooltipColor]The background colorstring-
[nzTooltipOrigin]Origin of the tooltipElementRef-
[nzTooltipVisible]Show or hide tooltipbooleanfalse
(nzTooltipVisibleChange)Callback of hide or showEventEmitter<boolean>-
[nzTooltipMouseEnterDelay]Delay in seconds, before tooltip is shown on mouse enternumber0.15
[nzTooltipMouseLeaveDelay]Delay in seconds, before tooltip is hidden on mouse leavenumber0.1
[nzTooltipOverlayClassName]Class name of the tooltip cardstring-
[nzTooltipOverlayStyle]Style of the tooltip cardobject-

Common API#

The following APIs are shared by nz-tooltip, nz-popconfirm, nz-popover.

updatePositionUpdate position

Exclude body element's scroll event need to refresh the position of CDK#

In using the tooltip (including popconfirm、popover), the body element's scroll event will update the position of the tooltip. It will never update the tooltip's position if the scroll event happens in a custom element. You can add the cdkScrollable directive to achieve the goal. Take notice that you need to import relative package import {ScrollingModule} from '@angular/cdk/scrolling';, for more information you can visit scrolling/api.


Please ensure that the node of [nz-tooltip] accepts onMouseEnter, onMouseLeave, onFocus, onClick events.