Using a CLI helps initialize projects, generate template codes and reduce development time.

Theng-zorro-antd scaffolding is essentially based on schematics.

Initialize A Project#

Initialize a project with ng-zorro-antd.

Run the command ng add ng-zorro-antd under your project directory, and follow the options to configure settings including whether you want to import i18n files and stylesheets, and load initial modules.


In the meantime, you can choose an existing project template while creating your project, and then develop the project on the basis of it.


ng add ng-zorro-antd [options]

Component Generation#

There are template source codes under every component API show case, you may obtain these codes by expanding Show Code.


ng g ng-zorro-antd:[schematic] <name> [options]

For example, you can generate a login form with the follow command.

ng g ng-zorro-antd:form-normal-login login