ng-zorro-antd is essentially implementing Ant Design in Angular. We recommend you to use the following existing resources, which can hopefully serve well during your project development.

CategoryRecommended ComponentsDetails
Component LibNG ALAINAdmin Template work with ng-zorro-antd
Component LibMaterial DesignMaterial Design
Component LibClarityVmware Angular Component Lib
Component LibNebularNebular Angular Component Lib
Component LibBootstrapBootstrap Angular Component Lib
Component LibDevUIHuawei Angular Component Lib
Component Libng-zorro-mobileAnt Design Mobile of Angular
Component LibJigsawZTE Angular Component Lib
Component Libag-GridAngular Grid Component
Component Libngx-datatableSwimlane Grid Component
Component Libngx-chartsCharts based on D3
Component Libngx-graphGraph based on dagre.js
Component Libngx-formlyForm based on JSON schema
Component Libng-ant-adminThe Admin Template imitating Ant Design Pro
Dev KitComponent Dev KitComponent Developer Kit
Dev KitSpectatorA Powerful Tool to Simplify Your Angular Tests
Dev KitScullyThe Static Site Generator for Angular apps
Dev KitAngular CLIAngular CLI
Dev KitAngular BuildersAngular build facade extensions
Dev Kitngx-planetMicro Frontend library for Angular
Dev Kit@angular/ssrServer-side Rendering
State ManagementAkitaAkita state management
State ManagementngxsNGXS state management
State ManagementngrxNGRX state management

Blog & Website#

Design Resources#

Several designing resources which are relevant to Ant Design are provided below. You may write feedback about the Sketch Symbols component here.