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June 11, 2019

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From now on, we will use the blog which you’re reading as our main channel for publishing dev blogs, release notes and knowledge sharing. Our old stories published on Medium would be migrated here gradually.

We made the decision for the following reasons:


Say good by to Medium.

  • Source code of this blog and all posts are open. Anyone have access to them at anytime, anywhere.
  • Users don’t need to register to join in discussions.
  • Users could subscribe using RSS.
  • Friends from community could contribute to our blog in an open and convenient way.

Improved Reading Experience

  • The build-in Dark Mode could protect your eyes in dimmed environments.
  • Multi languages supported!. Readers could select a language that they find most comfortable with, even contribute to the translations.
  • In the future, users could explore old blog by categories or tags.

Better Writing and Maintaining Experience

  • Get rid of the horrible editor of Medium! Writes could leverage markdown to enjoy writing!
  • Google Analytics could help us have a better understanding of users’ behaviour, so we could provide better service to users and power up the development of our projects.

Please add our website https://ng.ant.design/blog/ to your bookmarks!

NG-ZORRO Team with ❤️

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